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Welcome to the InnovCrete Website

InnovCreteThe strategic interest of structural biology-driven research has been recognized as a thematic priority for development in Crete. For this reason, the scientists of the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IMBB) in Heraklion (Crete) have merged in the InnovCrete project their experience, knowledge, energy and enthusiasm, not only to strengthen their competence and innovative capacities, but also to sustain and enhance their perspectives in the European Research Area (ERA) and to actively contribute to the strengthening of innovative structural biology-based initiatives in Europe.

The aim of the InnovCrete project is to create an environment for high-profile structural biology research, to sustain scientific and technological excellence in Biomedical and Life Sciences and to significantly enhance the innovative capacity of biomedicine/biology, biotechnology and biomaterials research in Crete, focusing on areas that fall within major priorities of the Innovation Union.

Managed by IMBB and including world-class partnering organizations, InnovCrete seeks to create a multi-disciplinary, multiscale research platform for established and emerging techniques in structural biology. InnovCrete comprises all IMBB Departments, and supports 6 key areas:

  1. macromolecular X-ray crystallography,
  2. biological SAXS,
  3. advanced biological / biomolecular imaging,
  4. Electron Microscopy, as well as
  5. protein production / high-throughput crystallisation, and
  6. molecular modelling.

The IMBB scientists will also introduce emerging structural biology techniques (Free Electron Lasers) to their research in the near future. The ultimate long-term vision is to turn IMBB into a leading European Centre of Excellence in Structural biology, firmly integrated within the ERA, with a pool of competent and highly competitive researchers who are responsive to socio-economic regional and European development needs and capable of catalysing innovation in Crete and in Europe.

The Strategic Objective of InnovCrete is:

  • to strengthen through the support of structural biology-driven research the scientific excellence and human potential of IMBB and transform it into the leading research centre of excellence for structural biology in Greece that will not only integrate into the ERA, but also occupy an important and leading position in Europe.
  • to turn the InnovCrete initiative into an engine of innovation in the areas of biomedicine, biology and biotechnology capable of addressing major socio-economic challenges (e.g. health, ageing, bio-inspired nanomaterials etc) for the benefit of Crete, Greece and Europe.

The Specific Objectives of InnovCrete are:

  • Human capital building for RTD in the field of state-of-the-art Structural biology and retainment of the best research professionals at IMBB
  • Networking and establishment of long-term strategic partnerships of IMBB with major European centres of excellence and SMEs
  • Availability of state-of-the art research infrastructure in Crete
  • Training of researchers and improvement of skills of the future research leaders of IMBB
  • Increased visibility of the InnovCrete laboratories at regional, national, European and international level
  • Development of responsiveness to societal and regional/European development concerns
  • A strategic Intellectual Property development plan for IMBB
  • A plan for innovation capacity building for IMBB and the region of Crete